Geohazards Research Unit

Bsc Hanna Machejek

Master’s student in Geohazards and Climate Change

Member of the Program Council for the Geohazards and Climate Change Program

Scientific interests

My scientific interests include geohazards, with particular emphasis on tsunamis and storms, broadly understood research on climate change and its reconstruction, processes shaping coasts, polar research, geochronology and geochemistry. My bachelor’s thesis research concerned distinguishing tsunami and storm deposits in various depositional environments in Newfoundland. I am currently working on anthropogenic impacts on peatlands in Estonia in the context of pollution, drainage and climate change. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Geology (AMU) and am currently continuing my master’s degree studies in Geohazards and Climate Change (AMU), while at the same time being part of the EMI project team, led by Dr Krzysztof Pleskot. 

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