Geohazards Research Unit

Msc Cyprian Kowalczyk

Ph.D. student in the Doctoral School of Natural Sciences AMU

Member of Polish Phycological Society

Member of Young diatomists (International Society for Diatom Research)

Tel.: 0048-61-829 5764

Scientific interests

My interests are connected to ecology, species structure, distribution, and the usage of diatoms (microscopical algae) in water environment research. I am a Ph.D. student in the Doctoral School of Natural Sciences at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland. I work with a team in the EMI project under the supervision of Dr Krzysztof Pleskot. In the research, I focus on describing the diatom communities in coastal lakes, which are under pressure from marine disturbances such as storm surges and tsunami waves. My bachelor’s and master’s thesis in biology and current Ph.D. dissertation are under the supervision of Prof. Mikołaj Kokociński in the Department of Hydrobiology at the Faculty of Biology (AMU, Poznań, Poland).


  • Apolinarska, K., Kiełczewski, R., Pleskot, K., Marzec, M., Aunina, L., Michalska, D., Siepak, M., Kowalczyk, C., Gałka, M., 2024. The decline of tufa deposition in an alkaline fen ecosystem in East-Central Europe and its impact on biotic assemblages: Insights from monitoring and paleoecological data. Science of The Total Environment, 912, 169408. [link]


  • Pleskot, K., Cwynar, L., Kowalczyk, C. P., Kokociński, M. S., Szczuciński, W., 2023. Refining the history of extreme coastal events in southern Newfoundland, NW Atlantic, with lake sediment archives. Quaternary Science Reviews, 322, 1–19. [link]
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