Geohazards Research Unit

Dr Beata Sternal

Position: assistant professor

Tel.: 0048-61-829 6025 

Scientific interests

I have been scientifically active in the field of marine geology investigating sedimentation processes in coastal and shelf environments in a range of different regions: Vietnamese Shelf of the South China Sea (BSc and MSc degrees in Geology), Thailand Coast of the Indian Ocean, Sendai Plain at the Japanese Coast, SW Spitsbergen region of the Arctic Ocean (PhD degree in Earth Sciences) and the fjords of Northern Norway. 

I have been consequently building up a researcher’s tool box readily used to study sedimentological (grain-size, X-ray imaging), geochemical (210Pb 137Cs radioisotopes; TOC; major, trace and REE, semi-quantitative SEM-EDS) and mineralogical (heavy and clay mineral analyses) properties of mostly marine sediments. 


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